SEGA and iam8bit announce Sonic Colours Ultimate vinyl

Good news to Sonic collectionists or vinyl enthusiasts alike!

Creative production company iam8bit partnered with SEGA to bring fans a unique collectible.

The soundtrack for Sonic Colours Ultimate is now available in a special two-disc vinyl release. The double album features 21 tracks, including Sonic Colours‘ iconic theme song, in its newest remixed fashion, Reach for the Stars. There are two versions of the album available:

  • The Open Edition ($39.99 USD/¥6,400 JPY), which features two randomly coloured vinyl discs, drawn from a pool of blue, purple, orange, and green.
Open Edition
  • The Exclusive Edition ($44.99 USD/¥7,000 JPY), which is limited to 500 pressings and includes a coloured vinyl with a wild sprite trail splatter effect.
Exclusive Edition

Both editions feature album art by illustrator Matt Stevens, which shows the blue blur in action. The Exclusive Edition ships in Q4 2021, while the Open Edition will arrive in 2022.

Sonic Colours Ultimate is available for purchase in your nearest game shop or digitally on Epic Games Store, Nintendo eShop and the Xbox and PlayStation marketplaces.

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