Sonic the Hedgehog 30th anniversary statue unveiled by First4Figures

“The design is inspired by the official artwork of the anniversary, where Sonic looks like he’s stepping out of the gigantic gold ring.”

First4Figures today unveiled three brand new statues to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The statue line-up came in three flavours, a standard variant available at select retailers, and two special variants to be sold only by First4Figures: an exclusive variant with a swappable hand sculpt, and a definitive variant with a LED-let backdrop and star effects.

The manufacturer also said that fans can save approximately $40 USD by placing a pre-order before 22 April.

Standard edition

The resin model was inspired by the official key art of the 30th anniversary, where Sonic was seen stepping out of a gold ring. The model was fitted on a mirror-finished base with four unique sides carved to represent a zone: Chemical Plant, Press Garden, Studiopolis, and Green Hill.

The standard edition comes with a randomly assigned number and an authentication card, all of which can be bought at the suggested retail price of $519.99 USD, or pre-ordered via First4Figures for $479.99 USD before 22 April.

Exclusive edition

The exclusive edition is a variant of the standard model with a unique twist: Sonic’s resin model was equipped with an additional, swappable hand sculpt, three fingers up to, for his left arm. First4Figures said that this was to “symbolize his impressive 30 years of existence.”

The product can be purchased for $519.99 USD on the official First4Figures website, or pre-ordered for $479.99 USD before 22 April.

Definitive edition

Lastly, First4Figures unveiled a highly detailed “definitive” variant of the 30th anniversary statue. It includes all the features from the standard and exclusive variants, in addition to a backdrop at the centre of the ring, with star effects around it. Both features include LED lighting.

Like the exclusive edition, the definitive edition can only be purchased via First4Figures, this time for $569.99 USD, or pre-ordered at the early bird price of $524.99 USD before 22 April.

The new statues are planned to be released in the second quarter of 2023.

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