Sonic: The Card Game officially announced for September 2021

“Fast-paced and simple to pick up and play, the new game features colourful graphics and a racing theme for families and Sonic fans aged 6 and up.”

Tabletop company Steamforged Games officially announced Sonic: The Card Game, a brand new card game slated to debut in September 2021.

“Sonic: The Card Game from Steamforged Games launches September 2021.” (Steamforged Games)

The upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog card game will allow two to six players to play their favourite character, like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, or Blaze. Players will “race through new levels”, collecting rings and dodging enemies. Thereafter, the player with the most rings and lives remaining wins the game.

Each time a new card is placed, they must decide whether to keep racing to try and grab a bigger pot of rings, or to retire and collect their share of the rings and bonus cards on the table. If players keep racing, they risk running into enemies and losing lives, but the chance to win more rings and bonus cards could be tempting enough to keep racing on. 

Steamforged Games

Steamforged said that Sonic: The Card Game will be “fast-paced and simple to pick up and play.” Creative director Mat Hart said that they “can’t wait to bring the game into the hands of Sonic fans of all ages.”

The official announcement came after the company quietly buried a mention of the Sonic-themed card game in a press statement last month. Steamforged said that the card game will be “fast family fun” during a virtual trade show from the Game Manufacturers Association.

Sonic: The Card Game will be out this September for $19.95 USD, or €17.95 EUR.

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