A look at Grim Sonic, the latest Sonic Prime character scheduled to debut in Sonic Forces Mobile

Take a look at the in-game statistics for Grim Sonic, the latest Sonic Prime character teased by SEGA HARDlight to debut in the next Sonic Forces: Speed Battle in-game event.

Grim Sonic will be equipped with a speed stat of 9/10, a acceleration stat of 7/10, and an strength stat of 5/10.

  • Grimions: Create an army of robot minions which run forward and explode on impact slowing down your opponents to the max.
  • Electro Boost: Puts a little zip in your running, attracts Rings, and zaps opponents so they drop items.
  • Crossed Wires: Shock your rivals with a sudden spark that appears in front of them!

Speed Battle players can collect cards for this runner between 9 to 16 January 2024.

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