“Blizzard Blast” event now live in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Ice Slicer Jet is back in the race.

This Special event makes a comeback.

The “Blizzard Blast” event will give Speed Battle players a chance to unlock Special cards for a character who hasn’t been available for the longest time, Ice Slicer Jet.

There will be a free gift of Special Ice Slicer Jet cards to collect in the store. Players must make sure to log in and claim the prize each day. As a Special character, Ice Slicer Jet can be unlocked by completing missions.

Special cards earned from this event will be added to Tails’ Vault. Unlock it to earn double cards during this event! As this event is short but sweet, we are reducing the price of this vault, you will get DOUBLE the cards for HALF the price!


In a official statement, the developers described Ice Slicer Jet as “one of the fastest runners in the game when he reaches top speed” due to the Speed stat programmed at the maximum limit.

Item nameDescription
Trap Shot“A sneaky shot that stops suddenly, but still freezes rivals where it lands!”
Ice Boost“Glide forward at speed and put the freeze on any opponents you hit.”
Ice Mine“Give your opponents a sub-zero surprise and put their intentions on ice.”
The items available to Ice Slicer Jet. (SEGA HARDlight)

This event will run between 2 October to 6 October 2020. Dates are subject to change.

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