Sonic Forces: Speed Battle “Rapid Recap” event on the way

Take your shot at unlocking fan favorite skins for your favorite characters.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is getting a brand new event under the name of Rapid Recap!

During the special event, you will have the opportunity to unlock and level up Special cards that were previously locked under concluded timed events. This event will last for 12 days.

Each day will feature a different set of missions which will reward you specific Special Runner cards. There will also be a free reward waiting for you in the shop each day, which will contain cards for that day’s Special Runner.

Here are the dates for each runner, as well as their specific event’s name:

Vampire ShadowPhantom Fête18 September
Witch RougeMasquerade Mayhem19 September
Reaper Metal SonicGrim Gala20 September
Spring CreamEaster Bunanza21 September
Slugger SonicRivals League – Team Sonic22 September
All-Star AmyRivals League – Team Rose23 September
Tropical StormCabana Bash24 September
Tidal WaveRiptide Rave25 September
Elf Classic SonicGotta Snow Fast!26 September
Santa BigGotta Snow Fast! XXL27 September
Lantern SilverSilver’s Lantern Festival28 September
Lunar BlazeA Blazing Lunar New Year!29 September

SEGA HARDlight also disclosed that Ice Slicer Jet will return in his own “Blizzard Blast” event from 2 to 5 October.

Since you’ll only be able to get each Runner’s cards a single day, SEGA HARDlight is speeding things up: Event Mission refresh times have been halved and Event Mission refresh Red Star Ring costs have been reduced.

What that means is you’ll be able to participate in missions to get that day’s Special Runner’s cards for free every two hours, while the default has always been four hours, and the cost for participating quicker by spending Red Star Rings will be reduced, we’re not sure by how much just yet.

Both of these bonuses will be live throughout the entire event. Cards from each stage of the event will go to a single vault, which means you’ll be able to double all of the Special cards you earned during the event at any point.

The event will run between 18 September to 30 September 2020. Dates are subject to change.

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