Halloween 2020 festivities in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle revealed

A Halloween party is on the way for the mobile game Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

SEGA HARDlight has given details on this year’s Halloween events that are on the way for the mobile game Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It will feature the return of previous runners for those that didn’t have a chance to get them before.

The Halloween event will have two events in which in players will be able to earn cards to unlock different characters. In the second event, as usual, a contest will be held within the game, pitting two teams against each other.

In the “Phantom Fête Returns!” event, players will be able to complete missions to gain special cards to unlock the following runners: Reaper Metal Sonic, Vampire Shadow and Witch Rouge. The event will run from 23 to 31 October.

In the “Graveyard Smash” event, players will need to chose between two teams: Team Metal Sonic or Team Shadow.

In this spooky Team Versus event you need to collect as many treats, Gold Rings, as you can. Each Gold Ring you finish with will be a point for your team!


The “Graveyard Smash” event will begin on 31 October and will end on 10 November.

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