Update 2.20 notes for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

“The Sonic Forces team have completed an update and would like to inform you of the following changes to the game.”

Here are the official update notes for version 2.20 of Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, published by SEGA HARDlight.

Developer notes

The official notes relayed by the development team:

  • New Special Character has been added! Keep an eye on the news for their event.
  • Missions will now be shown on the matchmaking screen as well.
  • Fixed an issue with the position of Rivals, in a race, not showing correctly.
  • Fixed issues with collisions and collecting Items for Classic Sonic, Elf Classic Sonic, Chaos and Witch Rouge’s .
  • A visual fix for shadows not appearing smoothly.
  • Improved animations for Tangle’s and Whisper’s attacks.

To ensure Sonic Forces provides fair and balanced gameplay we have rebalanced some of the Items in the game. The following changes have been made:

  • Several Items will have their duration reduced: Lilytrap, Fire Whirl, Chopper Chomp and Hedge Maze.
  • Ice Wave damage has been increased at levels 1 and 2.
  • Fire Boost speed has been increased at all levels.
  • Trap Shot damage has been increased.
  • Firework Flurry damage for all types has been increased at all levels.

Extended details

Here are the extended details published by the SEGA HARDlight community team:

  • New character added
  • Updated animations and VFX for Tangle and Whisper’s attacks
  • Missions will now be shown on the matchmaking screen as well as in the main missions screen
  • Increased resolution on some game icons
  • Updated some art assets to reflect wider character roster
  • Adjusted size of race countdown numbers to stop them covering up intro animations
  • Networking changes to address several issues where players could appear out of sync on other devices
  • Fixed issues with Classic Sonic, Elf Classic Sonic, Chaos and Witch Rouge’s collisions and collecting Items
  • Prevented player from being able to select anything on the HUD when hidden on race end. This fixes an issue where you could ‘unlock’ a booby trapped slot during the results screen which would then prevent you from exiting.
  • Fixed issue with Booby Trap not always showing the correct cost when powerup slot is locked
  • Updated looping audio for some boosts to fix issues where they could cut out or continue playing incorrectly
  • Tangle and Whisper can now be earned in chests.
  • Updated target Android SDK version from 28 to 29
  • Removed iOS replay kit references and screen recorder functionality.
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