More Sonic Prime details teased as new writers unveiled

More details related to Sonic’s new cartoon, Sonic Prime, have been revealed.

More details have been revealed for Sonic’s next animated series, Sonic Prime.

New Writer

Justin Peniston has confirmed on his Twitter that he’ll be one of the writers for Sonic Prime. Among his writing credits, he has written for DC Comics’ Blue Beetle, IDW’s Eternal Descent, and Disney XD’s Avengers Assemble!

How will Man of Action handle the series?

Duncan Rouleau, part of Man of Action’s staff, has given some more insight in how the series’ will be handled. When asked about the tone of the series, he compared it to 2010’s Generator Rex.

When asked about crossovers with other brands, Duncan expressed that the main focus is the Sonic series laid out by SEGA, but he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of crossovers in the future:

Sonic’s got his whole thing. He’s got an entire SEGA world to explore in the next several years. After having said that, I can’t rule out crossovers. They have a lot of contracts to overcome, it would need the Infinite or Alien X moving things in the background.

Duncan Rouleau

When asked if the series would bring another new intepretation of the Sonic series, similar to what shows like Sonic Boom or Sonic SatAM have done, Duncan expressed that it will build on what the games’ have already estabilished.

There already is one [Sonic Universe]. We’re just adding to it.

Duncan Rouleau
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