Most Sonic X content “not on the table” for usage elsewhere in the franchise, said Sonic writer Ian Flynn

According to Sonic the Hedgehog writer Ian Flynn, most things originating from the 2003 anime Sonic X is “just not on the table” for future use in other Sonic media like the IDW comics.

In his very own podcast, he went on to explain how he recently had the chance to talk to someone at SEGA for a new pitch, which offered him the opportunity to ask about the usage of Sonic X elements.

The answer seems to be a pretty clear “no”, as Flynn states that in order for such material to be available for future use, things would “have to change at a level of management I cannot even conceive of.”

This isn’t to say small references are off the table, as we can see many in official Sonic material such as TailsTube, or official Sonic artwork from SEGA Japan.

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