Sonic Movie director spotted in Hawaii as filming preparations progresses

Director Jeff Fowler spotted “doing a little scouting” in Hawaii for the upcoming sequel.

Production of Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog sequel does not begin until March, but there are signs of principal photography plans ramping up, particularly in the Aloha State.

The latest in Hawaii

Before actress Tika Sumpter announced Tuesday morning of additional filming in Hawaii, Paramount production crew had since landed at the state and begun traversing for possible filming locations for the upcoming sequel.

Sonic movie director Jeff Fowler was even spotted at the Four Seasons Ko Olina Hotel in Oahu, reportedly “doing a little scouting” for the upcoming sequel according to Reel News.

The outlet also rumoured that the film will feature Doctor Eggman “in a much more video game-accurate form”, though this claim has yet to be verified by Tails’ Channel.

The latest in British Columbia

Sonic filming preparations are still quiet in the province of British Columbia, Canada, even after preliminary details emerged in November. Be that as it may, the local Film Commission disclosed a new batch of names concerning the top-level production crew.

Executive ProducerNan Morales
ProducerToby Ascher
Neal Moritz
Assistant DirectorJustin Muller
David K. Arnold
Location ManagerMichael Farias
Assistant Location ManagerJuraj (George) Slivarich
Joshua Pickens
Production CoordinatorJill McQueen
Newly released filming information for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog sequel. (British Columbia Film Commission)

Nan Morales was reportedly confirmed to return alongside producers Toby Ascher and Neal Moritz. Assistant directors Justin Muller and David Arnold are reportedly returning as well.

All location plans in British Columbia and Hawaii are subject to COVID-19 protocols in the United States and Canada.

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