Rumour: episode names for the Knuckles mini-series may have been found

In a listing found at the Entertainment Identifier Registry, the titles for the episodes of the upcoming Knuckles TV series have been discovered by fans, giving a small glimpse on how the series could end up looking like.

Spotted by multiple users on X, the site that can be accessed on, the public listing states that there’ll be six episodes for the Paramount Plus series scheduled for a 2024 release, with each episode being told to have the approximate length of an hour. The episodes, in order of release, will be:

  • The Warrior
  • Don’t Ever Say I Wasn’t There For You
  • The Shabbat Dinner
  • The Flames Of Disaster
  • Reno, Baby
  • What Happens In Reno Stays In Reno

Though Paramount has yet to corroborate the detail, the episode listing appears to line up even further to a previous leak, with some elements in the titles being mentioned or shown in the leaked storyboards.

Knuckles is expected to be released in the Paramount Plus streaming service around early 2024.

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