Sonic Movie 2 production details emerges in new filming documents

The first preliminary production details of the 2022 Sonic the Hedgehog film have been uncovered in documents released to the British Columbia Film Commission late Friday.

The documents, obtained and verified by Tails’ Channel, were submitted by Paramount Pictures’ in-house production company representing the local filming of the Sonic movie sequel.

Codenamed “Emerald Hill”, the film will be locally administered by “Red Energy Films”. Managerial responsibilities will be overseen by Abraham Fraser, who was the location manager of the 2020 Sonic film.

The sequel is tentatively scheduled to be filmed in British Columbia beginning on 15 March to 10 May 2021. The dates are subject to change.

Other than a rate sheet that disclosed a budget “over $20 million”, further details on production were not disclosed. The documents did not report information on executive positions, talent, or locations.

In April 2018, Paramount – as Hedgehog Films, Inc. – submitted documents that detailed a number of filming shoots around the Lower Mainland for the first Sonic film, which was initially codenamed “Casino Night.”

The submission is pending COVID-19 protocols and its economic ramifications in British Columbia and Canada. Province-wise restrictions on travel and Canada’s restrictions on non-essential travel from the United States remains in effect.

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