Filming for the Sonic movie sequel continues in Hawaii

The highly-anticipated sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, is now filming in the state of Hawaii, after weeks of filming in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Production crew can be seen filming at the Ko Olina Resort in Oahu, a venue that was previously explored by director Jeff Fowler in January.

Recent photos from Reel News Hawaii disclosed what appears to be Sonic crashing a wedding that Tom and Maddie were attending. Actors James Marsden and Tika Sumpter (playing Tom and Maddie respectively) were also sighted.

A video recorded by the outlet, which has since been removed due to a copyright complaint, featured an unidentified person saying “Robotnik’s back on earth and he’s after a magic emerald”, which matched a plot summary that was discovered in the public record.

Filming for the film is reportedly expected to continue up until 25 June.

h/t Reel News Hawaii

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  1. Tom: “Sonic are you ok? Good because you’re in so much trouble!”

    Maddie: “ok you calm down, and YOU start talking”

    Sonic: “ok quick version, Robotnik came back to earth ****blah blah blah*** the only way to find it is ***blah blah** TAILS

    Tom: “Who is Tails?”

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