No, the Sonic popsicles are not going away

Rumours claiming the cancellation of the infamous Sonic pops forces officials to respond.

Blue Bunny’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” popsicle, adored by the respective community for its off-beat design, will not be going away, says SEGA’s licensing specialist Michael Cisneros.

“The Sonic ice cream bar does VERY well,” said Cisneros in a reply to Abel Muniz. “It will go on for a long while.”

A spokesperson for Blue Bunny also responded to the concerns, saying that that the pops will not be discontinued, though it may experience stock issues due to manufacturing complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our sonic popsicles are a vending exclusive item. Due to manufacturing issues during COVID-19, they may be out of stock.

Blue Bunny

Cisneros was forced to respond to the news after a tweet from user Austin Ross claimed that the Sonic pops “have been discontinued permanently”, citing a “close friend” on Discord.

“It seems 2020 has claimed another victim,” said Ross in a now-deleted tweet. “Fortunately I was able to try one out before they left but still a damn shame.”

The tweet exploded overnight, with fans sympathizing the loss of a cultural icon within the Sonic the Hedgehog and video game communities.

Upon the correction, Ross issued an apology, saying “I wasn’t trying to do it to get popular or anything honest.”

“Next time you see them, just buy a round for your friends in celebration of its continued existence,” replied Cisneros.

The Sonic pop was recently featured in the cover art of the 2020 Annual issue for IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. Amy Rose, long known to be a fan of Sonic, can be seen chewing the pop featuring his likeness.

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