Sonic Prime’s animation to provide “a really cinematic look,” says WildBrain

WildBrain hinted to investors on what to expect from Sonic Prime’s animation.

High expectations are being set for Sonic’s upcoming animated series, Sonic Prime, according to WildBrain’s latest meeting with investors last October.

As reported by Sonic Paradise, WildBrain Studios’ senior vice president Logan McPherson said that Sonic Prime allowed the studio to “reevaluate” their 3D pipeline, and that they aim to create a cinematic look to make it feel like a “Marvel movie”.

Sonic has provided us an amazing opportunity for us in the 3D side, it has allowed us to reevaluate our 3D pipeline, and really examine where the value-add is in that. So we’ve added a number of new software packages and methodologies to the pipeline, we were able to provide a really cinematic look that is honestly making it feel like a Marvel movie when we get into the action sequences.

Logan McPherson, WildBrain Studios senior vice president

In the same meeting, it was also confirmed that Sonic Prime will have 24 episodes, and that it will be the largest CG production in the company’s history.

Sonic Prime is still reportedly expected to be released worldwide in 2022 according to WildBrain and Sonic Studio, despite the unusual lack of information leading up to its premiere. A tweet from Netflix that seemingly reaffirmed the release date on 22 March was later deleted the following day.

h/t Sonic Paradise

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