First images of Sonic Prime in newly-discovered concept art

As is your average day in the Sonic side of things, new leaks happened! How unusual!

This time around, we have our very first look at Sonic’s newest TV Show, Sonic Prime, in the form of concept art.

The images come by the hands of an ArtStation user who we decided not to disclose, who painted the pieces above for the programme. The article containing the images has since been removed.

The images appear to establish the Multiverse the show is gonna be based around, with different interpretations of our usual Sonic characters, like what seems to be a nine-tailed Tails, an Amy from very very old times and a lot of different instances of Eggmen.

None of this have been acknowledged in any capacity by SEGA, WildBrain, or Netflix, so make sure to keep an eye out on future developments.

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