Update: Ian Flynn “consulted” for Sonic Prime, says Man of Action writer Duncan Rouleau

Fans reacted on social media following reports that the long-time Sonic writer was “consulted” for Sonic Prime, though it has yet to be officially announced.

Long-time Sonic the Hedgehog writer Ian Flynn was summoned to provide consultation for WildBrain’s upcoming Sonic Prime animation, Man of Action Entertainment’s Duncan Rouleau alleged in a tweet published earlier this month.

In a reply uncovered late Sunday, Rouleau thanked Flynn’s “invaluable” knowledge of the series, an accreditation often cited among his colleagues and fans. However, the Man of Action staffer did not delve into any specific details regarding Flynn’s role.

It has not been confirmed if Flynn will be writing for Prime, and it is yet to be known if the consultation constituted a major role in Prime‘s production due to its varied prevalence in the film and animation trade.

When offered to clarify the tweet, Rouleau exclusively told Tails’ Channel that “all I can say is what I said in the tweet.”

Should it be officially confirmed by WildBrain, it would be yet another add-on to Flynn’s storied resume with the Sonic franchise. In addition to his Sonic comic work for Archie Comics and IDW Publishing, the author, known online as ‘BumbleKing’, was credited for contributions in Sonic and the Secret Rings, the Sonic Boom television series, and recently Sonic Colours: Rise of the Wisps.


Despite Flynn’s involvement in recent Sonic media outside IDW, including the upcoming Encyclo-speed-ia project for the blue blur’s 30th anniversary, the news of a consultation role still came as a surprise for many fans on social media. Some were not surprised that a “living Sonic encyclopedia” assisted a third party, like artist Tracy Yardley, whereas others were overjoyed that the writer will be involved in a highly anticipated animation, following an earlier report that erroneously asserted that Flynn was “confirmed” to be a part of the production.

Development of Sonic Prime, a brand new Modern Sonic animation form WildBrain and Man of Action Entertainment, is presently underway with a scheduled 2022 release on Netflix.


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