Netflix reveals first look at Sonic Prime and new voice cast

It’s finally here: a first look at Sonic Prime, the upcoming Netflix cartoon series.

A first look at the upcoming Sonic Prime cartoon was revealed by Netflix early Tuesday. It showcased some of the animation, as well as a new voice cast.

Revealed after months of silence, the first look for Prime showcased Sonic, sporting his Modern design, playing around what appeared to be Green Hill.

Due to Canadian content regulations, Prime will sport a new voice-over cast separate from the games. They are:

  • Deven Mack as Sonic,
  • Ashleigh Ball,
  • Shannon Chan-Kent,
  • Brian Drummond,
  • Vincent Tong,
  • Ian Hanlin,
  • Kazumi Evans,
  • and Adam Narada.

Following a tease on Twitter, Mack confirmed his voice-over role as Sonic, with others yet to be known.

Sonic Prime is an upcoming animated Sonic the Hedgehog series for Netflix about Sonic discovering a brand new “multiverse”, and learning what it takes to be a hero.

The series is expected to debut in 2022.

via Netflix press release

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