Sonic Prime preview featuring Big the Cat debuts on Netflix’s Geeked Week

As part of the Geeked Week event, fans got a small glimpse of the upcoming series, Sonic Prime.

WildBrain’s upcoming animation for Netflix, Sonic Prime, received yet another tease during Netflix’s Geeked Week broadcast.

The teaser once more was set at Green Hill. It featured Big the Cat, with Froggy in tow, strolling around the lush scenery, before the cat crosses paths with Sonic by accident. The rest of the clip was the same footage when the series made its’ first look debut.

It is not known who voiced Big, but the presence of the character was enough to get fans to voice their reactions across social media.

The plot of the series was briefly talked about once again during the broadcast, in which it will see Sonic thrown in a new adventure where he needs to save his friends and the fate of the multiverse.

The new series features a reinvented cast and Sonic like you’ve never seen him before. Where the fate of the multiverse rests on his gloved hands.

Geoff Keighley

A release date for the series was not given, with it being said that Prime will be released “later in 2022.”

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