SEGASammy expects Sonic Prime to “strengthen” Sonic IP as pandemic slashes SEGA’s release schedule in nearly half

SEGA gave more details in regards on how it’s dealing with the pandemic, as well as its’ expectations of Sonic Prime.

As the end of another fiscal year approaches for SEGA’s parent company SEGASammy, more details related how the company has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it’s dealing with Sonic Prime, the upcoming Sonic animation, have been revealed.

In an Q&A with investors following their latest financial report, SEGASammy was asked to explain the effects that the pandemic had on the company. Senior vice-president Yoichi Owaki admitted that their release schedule of video games suffered a setback.

It was projected last August that 30 new titles will be released by this March, but they are now expected to release 18 titles, nearly half than originally thought.

The major factor has been delays in development, especially in the US and Europe due to the impact of lockdowns. Almost none of our employees have been able to commute to the office, and this is a big impact.

Yoichi Owaki, Senior Vice-President of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC.

It was disclosed that SEGA is still in the middle of formulating their plan for the next fiscal year’s lineup, so not much information was able to be shared.

When asked about Sonic Prime, SEGASammy said won’t have direct financial gains from it, but it’ll be used instead to bring attention to the Sonic property and its multifaceted rollout, “strengthening” it.

About “Sonic Prime”, we’re not thinking of monetizing by itself. Our stance is to implement the “Sonic Prime” as part of strengthening the IP.

Yoichi Owaki, Senior Vice-President of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC.

As SEGA plans their lineup for the next fiscal year, more news related to the next main Sonic the Hedgehog game will eventually be revealed.

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