SEGA-themed indoor parks could be heading to the United Kingdom and North America

It seems that the world-famous SEGA Joypolis theme parks could begin to make its way through the world, especially in the West, according to a statement published by its owner, the China Animation Cultural Technology Group.

Recently brought to light by researcher Dave Luty, who disclosed the report to Tails’ Channel ahead of last Thursday’s Sonic Central presentation, the Chinese corporation announced that they have plans to open more Joypolis venues in different regions across the world. Possible locations in the United Kingdom were already being looked into, as well as locations in Australia, mainland Europe and North America.

The Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with another international partner, and settled plans for a theme park in the United Kingdom in about half a year, and is discussing with other overseas partners the possibility of opening parks in Europe, North America and other places.

China Animation Cultural Technology Group

Joypolis became a place known by gaming fans due to its use of arcades, merchandise, food, and goods themed after famous SEGA properties. The Tokyo division is known for its spot dedicated to the Sonic series, named Sonic Carnival.

The Sonic the Hedgehog statue during his 28th anniversary celebrations at SEGA Joypolis in Tokyo, Japan. (SEGA Joypolis)

Part of what has motivated this push of more theme parks around the world was due to the “slowing down” of the COVID-19 pandemic in numerous parts of the world.

The first SEGA Joypolis opened in Yokohama, Japan in 1994, with 11 parks opened across Asia in the subsequent years. However, only three of them remain, including the ever-popular Tokyo location, but Video Game Chronicle reported that there are plans to open a new park in Guangzhou, China later this year.

h/t Dave Luty

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