Sonic Colours Ultimate patch for Nintendo Switch released amid reports of glitches

Patches for Sonic Colours Ultimate are on the way following fan feedback regarding the original release.

Following up on previous reports of glitches in the recently released Sonic Colours Ultimate, SEGA officially confirmed Tuesday morning that a patch is now available for the Nintendo Switch port, with more to come in the future.

An example of a visual glitch in the Nintendo Switch port of Sonic Colours Ultimate. (CallieMacN/Twitter)

Tails’ Channel understood that a number of seizure-inducing glitches were removed from the game. Ultimate‘s developer Blind Squirrel also credited Godot, an open-source game engine, following criticism on social media regarding a lack of attribution in the original release.

The franchise’s official Twitter account made it clear that the patch, labeled version 1.0.4 by Nintendo, were the first of several updates planned to be released to all platforms. The Xbox, PlayStation and PC versions were documented by fans to exhibit a rare, but unusual slate of glitches and corruptions.

The Nintendo Switch port of the Sonic Colours remaster gained notoriety last week after players and media discovered a multitude of bugs. Both SEGA and Blind Squirrel acknowledged the issues, and while many of them were difficult to trigger, some were catastrophic enough to trend on social media.

Sonic Colours Ultimate is available for purchase on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store.

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