Sonic the Hedgehog among top franchises in SEGA’s latest unit sales results

The blue blur is yet again one of SEGA’s top performing franchises this quarter.

SEGASammy’s first financial report of the new fiscal year is out, and it appears that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is still in good financial shape.

The Sonic video game franchise sold an estimated total of 1 million units between April to June 2021, taking the top billing when compared to other franchises, though the listings are not indicative of an arbitrary power ranking.

SeriesThis quarter (FY2022 – Q1)The same quarter last year (FY2021 – Q1)
Sonic the Hedgehog1 million800 thousand
Total War600 thousand1.9 million
Yakuza700 thousand300 thousand
Persona400 thousand1.2 million
A summary of the top earnings in the Consumer Entertainment Area’s ‘Full Game’ segment for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. The earnings, which account for physically and digitally packaged video game titles, cumulate every quarter. (SEGASammy)

This quarter, the titles that contributed to Sonic’s performance were not specified, though the company said that its respective subdivision, the Consumer area, “exceeded expectations due to steady sales of new titles and repeat sales,” similar to the franchise’s previously reported performance.

Last fiscal year, the Sonic series contributed to SEGA’s profits during the COVID-19 pandemic with a grand cumulative total of 4.4 million unit sales, with 800,000 unit sales reported in the first fiscal quarter.

With Sonic Colours Ultimate around the corner, SEGASammy expects that Sonic’s sales will increase in the second fiscal quarter.

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