Sonic series tops with 3.7 million units sold in latest financial report

The Sonic franchise showcases its’ strength once more by taking the top in the latest quarterly report.

As the end of another quarter approaches, SEGASammy has given the details about how the company as a whole has performed during the third quarter of fiscal year 2021.

The Sonic the Hedgehog series once more showcased its strength by selling a total of 3.7 million units in the reported quarter, up by 1.4 million when compared to the previous quarter. This made the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise take the top spot in SEGA’s latest report, though its placement is not indicative of a power ranking structure.

Many Sonic games helped the series reach these numbers, but among them were repeat sales of Sonic Generations, Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Mania. The quarterly numbers were tabulated between October 2020 to January 2021.

SeriesApprox. Unit SalesTitles
Sonic the Hedgehog3.7 million Sonic Generations (November 2011)
Team Sonic Racing (May 2019)
Sonic Mania (August 2017)
Sonic Forces (November 2017), etc.
Total War3.6 millionTotal War: SHOGUN 2 (March 2011)
Total War: ROME II (September 2013)
Total War: Three Kingdoms (May 2019),etc.
Football Manager2.9 millionFootball Manager 2020 (November 2019)
Football Manager 2021 (November 2020), etc.
Persona1.9 millionPersona 4 The Golden (June 2020)
Persona 5 Royal (October 2019)
Persona 5 (September 2016), etc.
OthersAlien: Isolation (October 2014)
YAZUKA: LIKE A DRAGON (January 2020)
Endless Space 2 (May 2017), etc.
A summary of the top earnings in the Consumer Entertainment Area’s ‘Full Game’ segment for the third quarter of fiscal year 2021. (SEGASammy)

According to SEGASammy, the quarter in the Consumer Entertainment segment has “significantly exceeded the previous forecast”, specifically thanks to free-to-play titles for mobile phones (Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Sonic Dash, i.e.) and pre-orders from Persona 5 Strikers which will be launched in the West during the fourth fiscal quarter.

SEGASammy also confirmed that the quarterly performance from the Consumer Entertainment segment was the best they had since the pandemic started, with strong performances not only in the Full Game area, but in others as well.

[Other areas] are generally improving from the previous forecast, so both sales and ordinary income are expected to exceed the previous forecast.


Repercussions involving the pandemic still have to be dealt overall, as the amusement center and Pachinko segments continue to take a hit, but the strong performance of the Entertainment side of things is reassuring for SEGASammy.

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