Orchestral rendition of Star Light Zone played in Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony

Sonic 1‘s Star Light Zone were among the many video game soundtracks that were played in the Games of the 32nd Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan today.

Viewers from around the world witnessed an orchestral rendition of the starry zone’s music as Oman, the Netherlands, China, and Tunisia introduced themselves in the Parade of Nations.

It was after a subtle tease from one of the commentators at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation earlier in the event. “Waiting for Sonic the Hedgehog to get his moment,” said journalist Adrienne Arsenault.

The song was originally composed by Japanese artist Masato Nakamura from the Dreams Come True group. The artist, who recently completed a lyrical version of Green Hill Zone, expressed gratitude on Twitter and said, “Thank you!”

Music from different video game franchises from Japan were played during the ceremony. The organizing committee said that music from titles like NieR:Automata and F-Zero were featured.

The Games will run between 23 July to 8 August 2021.

Footage is copyright of the International Olympic Committee

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