Sonic fan art featured on a Saturday Night Live segment

Fans surprised by “Sonic: The Musical” joke on national television

Sonic made a surprising appearance on a Saturday Night Live skit. 

When various cast members wonder what life would’ve been like if the pandemic never happened, actress Cecily Strong dreams of attending a Broadway show. This Broadway show happens to be Sonic the Hedgehog: The Musical.

Unfortunately, the artwork used was not official. The prominently-displayed Sonic art was drawn by artist Bryan Salter. The Sonic logomark was designed by Smez Prakezz.

HOLY COW! WHAT! How I’m gonna react to this?! Hahaha!

Smez Prakezz

Although Salter said he isn’t suing, the entire skit is yet another mainstream media appearance for the Blue Blur in the wake of the Sonic movie’s success.

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