Sonic Mania makes its way to Origin Access

This is definitely something no one saw coming, but starting today, Sonic Mania is now available for purchase in EA‘s direct competitor to Steam, Origin.

It all started when the platform’s Twitter account, @OriginInsider, publicly asked the main Sonic Twitter if they could release one of their games on their store.

They then replied shortly after, in the Sonic Twitter manner we’ve come to expect:

Surely enough, they did. If you’re a member of Origin Access Premier, which is Origin’s Monthly Subscription based answer to other gaming services, you can now download and play Sonic Mania.

Some things worth noting is that Sonic Mania’s game version on Origin seems to be newer than the one seen on Steam, so it’s safe to expect one or two bug fixes to be included, but nothing major.

In this new update’s files, there is also reference to the Epic Online Services, which are provided by Epic Games. Whether that means if the game will later on see the light of day on the Epic Games Store, remains uncertain, since neither SEGA or Epic have come forth with anything regarding that matter.

This is seemingly not the only game coming to Origin either. Also coming to Origin Access Premier are two of SEGA’s hit titles, Two Point Hospital and Endless Legend.

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