Sonic Movie numbers are okay in Japan, but loses to tough competition

The Japanese release of the Sonic Movie faces some tough competition in the box office.

After a delay related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Sonic Movie finally got released on Japanese cinemas.

We got some Box Office numbers for Sonic the Hedgehog in Japan for its first weekend via FranSpeech, and it made $460 thousand U.S. dollars in its opening weekend, for a grand total of $555 thousand U.S. dollars at the time of publishing

RankReleaseWeekend Sales ($USD)
1Rambo: Last Blood$900,000
2Spirited Away$860,000
3Princess Mononoke$790,000
4Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind$772,000
6Sonic the Hedgehog$460,000
7Little Woman$237,000
Weekend box office numbers in Japan for 27-28 June 2020 (FranSpeech)

Unfortunately, Sonic got released in cinemas during a rather competitive weekend. The Sonic Movie debuted at the same time as a lot of classic Studio Ghibli films were re-released and the Japanese release of “Rambo: Last Blood”.

The Sonic brand always had a history of struggling to get the Japanese’s attention. Numbers like these were sort of expected.

Japanese moviegoers were more eager to watch Rambo, with it ranking first place, making $1.36 million U.S. dollars on the June 26-28 weekend.

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