Sonic collab with Ninjala officially revealed

More details related to the Sonic the Hedgehog and Ninjala collaboration have been revealed.

After being officially confirmed back in August, more details related to the collab between the Sonic the Hedgehog series with the free-to-play multiplayer action game, Ninjala, have arrived.

In an official developer diary, it was confirmed that the collaboration will go live from 23 September to 21 October, in Pacific Daylight Time.

Players will be able to wear costumes based on Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, with separate gear for the head and body, allowing some level of customization.

Ninjala Sonic the Hedgehog costumes for the characters (GungHo Online Entertainment)

In addition to the costumes, there will also be a Doctor Eggman Gum Utsusemi, in addition to Sonic-themed stickers and IPPON decorations. These collab items will be available for purchase in the game’s select shop with the use of the Jala in-game currency.

The Sonic collab in action. (GungHo Online Entertainment, via Tails’ Channel Twitter)

Ninjala is available for purchase for Nintendo Switch systems.

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