Long awaited Sonic OVA soundtrack surfaces after 24 years

After 24 years, fans now have access to the soundtrack of the acclaimed animated Sonic film.

After the full version of “Look-a-like” surfaced on the Internet, the entire soundtrack for the Sonic OVA followed suit.

The soundtrack for the Sonic OVA has been sought after by Sonic fans for 24 years since the release of the animated film, with some believing it’d never be found in good quality.

This finding was brought to light once again by Sonic and all Characters, and uploaded by YouTube user Mefiresu. Among the songs that got most fans’ attention is “South Island”, one of the most well recognized songs of the animation, and the theme for Eggmanland.

Illuminor, the one that brought the full version of “Look-a-like” to light was also the one responsible for this finding.

While reading your feedback on the full song, I’ve seen a lot of people express hope for the Ova’s official soundtrack to surface as well. And so I thought: “Why not also ask for that?”

So I messaged my contact (whose name we won’t disclose to avoid any harm to them) again and got a reply the very next day! They said they don’t have a master sound source, but they do actually have a demo recording. And they have sent it to me. The recording I got contains a few pieces of the OST spliced into one .mp3 file.

Unfortunately, it’s not in the best quality imaginable and has occasional sound artifacts.


Keep in mind that not every track from the OVA is present, and some songs contain some light differences compared to the final version we get to hear on the film. This has lead to the belief that this might be an early demo recording of the soundtrack.

  • Track 01 – Sunset in Eggmanland
  • Track 02 – Ancient Ruins in the Dark Lands
  • Track 03 – Approaching the Egg Generator
  • Track 04 – The North Pole Glacier
  • Track 05 – Sonic to the Rescue
  • Track 06 – Rushing to Eggmanland
  • Track 07 – Metal Sonic Appears
  • Track 08 – Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA
  • Track 09 – Sonic vs Metal Sonic!
  • Track 10 – South Island
  • Track 11 – Sky Lands and the White House
  • Track 12 – Hyper Metal Sonic, Awaken
  • Track 13 – Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA
  • Track 14 – Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA
  • Track 15 – Demo with some vocals, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA
  • Track 16 – Unknown, may be unused or unrelated to Sonic OVA

This is a huge win for the fanbase, that for years wanted to hear the official soundtrack of this movie in good quality.

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