Sonic the Hedgehog series sold 800k copies in the last four months

The Sonic series keeps performing well during these pandemic times, according to a new SEGASammy financial report.

SegaSammy released their newest financial report that shows their numbers for these last four months, and Sonic the Hedgehog once more showed itself to be one of SEGA’s strongest performing franchises.

The Sonic Game series sold around 800k units during the Q1 fiscal year of 2021, the games that most sold being Sonic’s most recent titles, like Mario & Sonic At the 2020 Olympic Games, Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces.

SEGASammy reports that “profit increased significantly in Consumer area due to the spending from staying at home.” This shows to be true with how series like Persona and Total War, that have a longer playtime than your regular Sonic game, have sold more, due to people spending more time at their homes.

But still, these numbers are good for the Sonic series. And there’s still some numbers related to Sonic that are unaccounted for, such as the ones related to the Sonic Movie. In the words of SEGASammy, “non-operating income from the Sonic Movie is expected [to be disclosed in SEGASammy’s reports] in the second half of the year.”

The games’ perfomances are good news for SEGASammy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has reported big losses in their pachislot and resort businesses. These losses are expected to continue for the rest of the fiscal year should the pandemic linger.

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