Sonic’s Chief Brand Officer answers fans’ questions in Reddit AMA

A Reddit AMA thread was held by Sonic’s Chief Brand Officer Ivo Gerscovich.

When Gerscovich was asked about Christian Whitehead’s versions of Sonic 1 and 2 being ported to consoles, he said “time will tell”. Gerscovich also confirmed that SEGA is “still committed” to bringing Sonic games to the PC, although there is some uncertainty if he meant previously released Sonic games, or PC versions of new games.

As for SEGA remastering and/or remaking older Sonic titles, Gerscovich said that “all things are possible”. He confirmed, which was later echoed by one of the directors of the Sonic Boom TV series, that although SEGA plans to “keep Sonic Boom airing and selling games”, there are no plans for new games or a “Boom-specific TV series”. In other words, the Sonic Boom cartoon, and the branch of the franchise overall, is presumably done. 

Lastly, Gerscovich talked about Sonic’s future. He said that SEGA is “always planning special things for fans to bring Sonic to people across the world.” When asked another similar question, Gerscovich said that “all their teams are working hard and they hope you’ll all enjoy what’s next.”

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