New Sonic movie sequel-themed song teased ahead of official release

As the release of the video game movie nears, a new music video themed around the blue blur has been teased.

In the lead up to the highly anticipated Sonic movie sequel, a new song themed for the movie, named Speed Life, has been teased.

Led by Togolese-Israeli singer Stéphane Legar as remix to Rockwell’s 1984 single, Somebody’s Watching Me, the song revolved about the “speed life” way. Legar teased on social media that a video clip will be released the next day, with the full song being made available on “all platforms”.

Preview of the music clip for “Speed Life”. (Stephane Legar and Paramount Pictures)

According to available information, the song was mostly sang in French, with some English snippets thrown in. It led to some to speculate that it might be a regional song for the French speaking audience, but more details are not known at the moment. Paramount has yet to comment publically about the news.

J’suis dans une speed life et j’peux pas ralentir, tout les jours je me remercie.

Stephane Legar, Speed Life

Lyrics talked about how Sonic is in a “speed life”, and he can’t slow down, and is thankful for the way he lives.

Speed Life is expected to be released tomorrow in full, 18 March.

h/t Okami O’ Donnell

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