Roger Craig Smith shoots down speculation about his “one last job” voicing Sonic

“Anything involving my career or projects with which I’m involved will always be disseminated by me through my social media accounts or during an interview featuring me”

The long-time English-language voice actor for Sonic the Hedgehog, Roger Craig Smith, shot down rumours that he came back for “one last job”, a statement that was rumoured by Super Monkey Ball announcer Brian-Matt Uhl this week.

In a reply on Twitter today, Smith reassured that official information will be relayed from his feed, as was the case with his departure from the role and subsequent turnaround this year.

Anything involving my career or projects with which I’m involved will always be disseminated by me through my social media accounts or during an interview featuring me—not “news” sites or any “your number one source for” fandom/gossip/misinformation pages.

Roger Craig Smith

He also took a snipe at community media, presumably Sonic Stadium and Tails’ Channel, for relaying the rumour as “gossip” and “misinformation”, even though earlier reports from both outlets repeatedly assured that Uhl’s statement has not been confirmed by Smith or SEGA.

Earlier this week, the main announcer for the Super Monkey Ball games, Brian-Matt Uhl, speculated about Roger Craig Smith’s future status as the voiceover of Sonic the Hedgehog in a Q&A.

In a reply to a viewer comment, the announcer acknowledged the leaks concerning the 2022 Sonic title and expressed his happiness with the recent come back of voice actor Roger Craig Smith. He began to say that Smith was going to retire from the role, and made a claim that he that came back to do “one last job”.

I’m very happy that our Sonic narrator has come back. He was going to retirement, he came out to do “one last job.”

Brian-Matt Uhl

Even though Uhl’s comment may be interpreted by many as sarcastic, others were either skeptical or worried about the statement, which wasn’t confirmed by Smith or SEGA at the time.

In January, Smith, one of the longest running voices for the blue blur, announced his departure from the role, only to return again in May. The reason behind the turnaround remains unclear, though he insinuated that he decided to walk away from the role.

Smith is expected to continue voicing the hedgehog for the foreseeable future, including in the upcoming animation Rise of the Wisp.

Article updated 9:30 am ET with new information.

h/t affiliates via Alex Hedgefox; Tails’ Channel Discord

    1. The article was labelled a rumour because the aforementioned quote was not corroborated. It was fairly evident given his tone, like you said, that he was going to stay as the VO; but, the point of the article was to contextualize that this person’s words – as a person who worked at SEGA – was not confirmed. It was not to suggest that Smith is on the way out. If people read beyond the headline, they would know that this article wasn’t insinuating that. ~r

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