Early Sonic Adventure 2 demo tracks unveiled by SEGA

Four never-heard-before demo tracks from Sonic Adventure 2 was unveiled in a charity livestream.

SEGA of America today unveiled a series of never-heard-before beta soundtracks from the 2001 SEGA Dreamcast title Sonic Adventure 2.

Fans who tuned in to Sonic Official’s charity livestream for Extra Life was treated to a selection of demo soundtracks composed by Jun Senoue.

  1. City Escape
  2. Metal Harbour
  3. Mission Street
  4. Radical Highway

The beta soundtracks were unveiled after the fundraiser successfully passed the $5,000 USD milestone. Earlier in the afternoon, conceptual artwork from Sonic’s early 3D games was unveiled after fans quickly completed the the first three milestones.

At the time of publication, the fundraiser raised $6,300 USD.

Sunday 4:47 PM ET – Article updated to reflect final donation total. Beta soundtracks correctly renamed to demo soundtracks.

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