More Sonic Forces development details uncovered in newly translated scans

A Japanese magazine article illustrate the technical capabilities of Hedgehog Engine 2.

More insight into the development of Sonic Forces has surfaced. It specifically dived into how Sonic Team used the cutting-edge Hedgehog Engine 2 from a technical point-of-view.

After a translation from Japanese to English by Windii, and edited by Kirryez, English Sonic fans found out that the CGWorld article on Sonic Forces unveiled new details related to its development. Among the details was a confirmation that Forces was developed around the same time of Hedgehog Engine 2, presuming a development time of more than one year.

The Hedgehog Engine 2 has been proven to be quite successful. Sonic Team, which has since folded into SEGA CS2, has used the new Hedgehog Engine to power other SEGA titles, like 2019’s Sakura Wars. Sonic Forces was the first Sonic game ever to use Hedgehog Engine 2, and it is expected to be used in the next mainline Sonic title.

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