Tikal to appear in new Sonic Forces: Speed Battle event

It appears we could be getting another new character in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

SEGA HARDlight uploaded a picture of Tikal, with a caption reading, “Chaos is power…power enriched by the heart. Coming Soon.”

In-game, HARDlight touts a new event involving Tikal, named “Keeper of Chaos”, running from 5 to 15 June.

Tikal is a Super Rare character, but will only be available from the Keeper of Chaos event. Complete missions to collect her! We’re offering everyone a FREE gift to get the event started. You can claim it in the store right now!


Tikal will arrive with three brand new items,

  • Blind your rivals with the Captive Light trap
  • Call her Chao friends with the Chao Guardians projectile
  • Use the Chao Chase item to go faster and tag your rivals for an extra boost

Tikal will be the latest addition to the popular mobile app after a string of Sonic Movie promotions that saw Baby Sonic, Teen Sonic, and Longclaw added in the game.

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