Tails’ Channel and IDWSonicNews officially announces “30 Days of Sonic”, a month-long celebration of art

24 May 2021 – Tails’ Channel and IDWSonicNews today announces the launch of 30 Days of Sonic, an online Sonic the Hedgehog community event to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary that anyone can participate.

What is 30 Days of Sonic?

30 Days of Sonic is a month-long celebration of artwork that ends on the blue blur’s anniversary date, 23 June 2021. All artists are free to participate on all social platforms with no registration needed.

Fan artists can create art based on a different prompt for each day, provided by both Tails’ Channel and IDWSonicNews. The hashtag #30DaysSonic will be used to help fans to follow all the art made for the event. Both organizations may share and retweet any art during or following the event on their social channels.


“The purpose of 30 Days of Sonic is to bring the Sonic the Hedgehog art community together and to express their love for the franchise,” said IDWSonicNews co-owner SynMania. “Each prompt is a reference to a different Sonic game, but it was made ambiguous to help artists to get as creative as they can. There is no limit to showing your enjoyment for the Sonic franchise.”

The event starts on 24 May and ends on 23 June.

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