“31 Days of Sonic”: Tails’ Channel and IDWSonicNews announces the return of the month-long Sonic fan artwork celebration for 2022

9 May 2022 – It’s back! Tails’ Channel and IDWSonicNews today announces the return of the free-to-participate fan artwork event to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s upcoming 31st anniversary.

What is 31 Days of Sonic?

31 Days of Sonic is a month-long celebration of community artwork that ends on the blue blur’s anniversary date, 23 June 2022. Just like last year, all artists are free to participate on all social platforms with no registration required.

Beginning on 23 May, fan artists can create art based on a prompt for each day, leading up to the anniversary date of 23 June. The prompts were selected and finalized by both Tails’ Channel and IDWSonicNews, and were meant to be ambiguous to inspire creativity.


The hashtag #31DaysSonic will be used to help fans to follow the creations made for the event. Both outlets may share and retweet any art during or following the event on their social channels.

“Many fans and artists reacted positively to 30 Days of Sonic,” said IDWSonicNews co-owner Toruhiiyi. “Because of this, we have decided to bring it back once again. We can’t wait to see how each artist expresses their passion for Sonic in their own way.”

30 Days of Sonic brought the community together in a beautiful way by celebrating what we all love about Sonic. Learning from last year, we’ve decided to bring it back one more time,” added co-owner SynMania. “This year’s 31 Days of Sonic ties a lot more into what the franchise will deliver in 2022 and gives the opportunity for so much more imagination for artists.”

The event starts on 23 May and ends on 23 June 2022.

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