Tails’ Channel announces live coverage of the 2020 Sonic Hacking Content

31 October 2020 – Hacks of classic-era Sonic the Hedgehog games to mods of modern games will be showcased in this year’s Sonic Hacking Content, and Tails’ Channel today announced live multi-platform coverage of the 2020 Sonic Hacking Content.

Tails’ Channel’s coverage of the Sonic Hacking Content begins Saturday 31 October at 8:00 pm ET with an special two-hour edition of Tails’ Channel Live. The extended weekend broadcast will highlight the trending mods and hacks submitted in the Hacking Contest.

Beginning Sunday 1 November at 4:00 pm ET, Tails’ Channel will simulcast the Official Results Show, hosted by Elliot of MegaGWolf.

Viewers can watch on TailsChannel.com‘s Special Events page, YouTube or Periscope.

Tails’ Channel’s coverage of the Sonic Hacking Content includes:

Founded in 2002, the Sonic Hacking Content brings fans, judges, and content creators together to try out the newest offerings from the Sonic the Hedgehog fan hacking and modding community. This is Tails’ Channel’s seventh year covering the Content.

You can follow coverage of Sonic Hacking Contest 2020 on Tails’ Channel on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and online on TailsChannel.com.

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