Welcome to the new Tails’ Channel

The next evolution of Tails’ Channel is here!

Hello! Welcome to the new Tails’ Channel! This is quite truly the next major step in our storied history of connecting the community with information and entertainment.

We are proud to announce our new initiatives, Tails’ Channel.com and Tails’ Channel en Español, plus our new long-term affiliations with IDW Sonic News and Sonic Versus.

Tails’ Channel.com will give you insight into the Sonic series in a way never seen before, with news, reviews, opinion articles, feature pieces, podcasts, and fun interactions with the community.

For this big initiative to come to fruition, we needed to bring some big names to the fold. We’ll be collaborating with IDW Sonic News to showcase the latest news and opinion on the famous Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by IDW Publishing; and Sonic Versus, bringing the latest tournament details on your favorite Sonic games, as well as high-level competitions on the Tails’ Channel YouTube channel.

All of this and more on this brand new experience.

What’s new?

Tails’ Channel.com

Tails’ Channel.com is a continuation of the high quality standard practiced over the years on Twitter and YouTube. Accuracy is our main goal, and to be as objective and unbiased as we can.

The website will not only be about the latest Sonic the Hedgehog news and updates, but will also be about the community. We’ll have various articles and exclusive new content, bringing different parts of the Sonic franchise together in a way never seen before.

New collaborations

We’re very excited to have IDW Sonic News and Sonic Versus even more close with the team, creating a new era.

These collaborations will bring a brand new perspective to the Tails’ Channel experience. For years, the community has expressed a desire for Tails’ Channel to branch out to new original and creative content. The time is now.

Exciting new content is on the way, among them are: simulcast of high-profile esports broadcasts, in-house competitive tournaments, IDW Sonic reviews, podcasts, and the news and updates that everyone knows and loves.

Tails’ Channel en Español

For the first time, Tails’ Channel is entering the Spanish Sonic scene! Tails’ Channel en Español will be reporting up-to-the-minute Sonic information on the new @TailsChannelES Twitter account, making Tails’ Channel the first and only Sonic news source to report in both English and Spanish.

What to expect on Tails’ Channel.com?

Sonic the Hedgehog

For over 10 years, we’ve been bringing you the most reliable Sonic the Hedgehog news, with our team dedicated to make sure it’s as accurate as possible, as well as bringing exclusives and breakthroughs before other sources. Fans all around the world have come to recognize Tails’ Channel as the best place for unbiased and professional updates related to the Sonic series.

One the biggest parts of Tails’ Channel.com is our news section, providing even more details for the most recent news. In order to accomplish this, we’ve brought together a team that is focused and have proven themselves to be the best in bringing details and articles for the community.

IDW Sonic

IDWSonicNews is a team dedicated to providing news, updates, events, and community unification for IDW Sonic the Hedgehog. IDWSonicNews was created in September 2019, and it has gained immense support from many Sonic fans and a fantastic team since then. With the brand new and exciting Tails’ Channel website, there will be more ways to read up on news, get information, and support the comics! Now let’s witness a great future for IDW Sonic News and it’s partners.

Artwork and updates

IDWSonicNews will publish IDW Sonic’s official covers, solicitations, and updates on Tails’ Channel.com. With the help of @synmania, @toruhiiyi, and @hadronus, there will lots of things for visitors to look at and explore on the IDW Sonic section of Tails’ Channel.com.

Reviews and analysis

IDWSonicNews is excited to publish IDW Sonic reviews and analysis pieces on Tails Channel.com. This idea has been in consideration for a long time by the IDWSonicNews team and now it’s becoming a reality! The reviews will also feature multiple perspectives from our team! The team will be more than happy to provide such content on the new website. 


Sonic Versus is a team of multiple Sonic community holders bringing you a single source for your official Sonic the Hedgehog multiplayer and competitive needs. Originally starting out as a dream from two friends, turned into a collaborated team to embed the competitive nature of gaming into the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Through the use of Discord servers and Twitter… rivals will compete worldwide!

Sonic Versus on Tails’ Channel

Sonic Versus will be distributing all it’s latest news and updates on TailsChannel.com and the Tails’ Channel YouTube and Twitter accounts. This includes the production of various esports-related content, including: simulcasts of popular tournaments, and future invitationals. This has seen major success in the Sonic Riders: Tournament Edition community. The combined strengths of Tails’ Channel, the Sonic Riders: Tournament Edition community and others will be sure to make the competitive scene prevail in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise!


TailsChannel.com will also bring original and brand new content that is different and distinctive. We’ll be covering various aspects of the massive Sonic the Hedgehog series and community.


Bringing some previously unseen details and trivia, TailsChannel.com‘s original written pieces feature interviews with notorious and famous people within the Sonic series, and also analysis of all things Sonic. See Sonic the Hedgehog music in a new perspective with articles from EmerlForgotten, and deep analysis of the biggest Sonic stories of the day by Ryan Scarlett.


The Tails’ Channel team has a wide array of podcasts planned for the site, covering a variety of topics such as;

  • Community member interviews hosted by Evan,
  • A Sonic Riders competitive podcast hosted by Sonic Versus,
  • A podcast focusing on Sonic music by EmerlForgotten,
  • and a podcast focusing on IDW Sonic by the IDW Sonic News team.


See Sonic the Hedgehog history from the previous years with our archive of video content and past reports from the Sonic News Channel. Witness the series in a perspective from the past.

Who’s part of the team?

Team Tails’ Channel

Actor, host of Tails’ Channel, visual artist and after-school teacher.
Co-host of Tails’ Channel, SA3 advocate, and mother of Opal.
Tails’ Channel director and editor-at-large.

Tails’ Channel.com

I’m a huge Sonic fan that likes to post some news.
Sonic/SEGA enthusiast
Huge Sonic fan, content creator, streamer, game dev student. Yo!
Writer for multiple Sonic sites, including Last Minute Continue.…
Self-proclaimed Sonic music aficionado. Don’t pass me the aux cord.

IDW Sonic News

Visual Artist, Musician, and Sonic Buff.
All-rounder for Tails’ Channel. Leads IDWSonicNews.
Co-Owner of IdwSonicNews, Artist, Writer, talks about Sonic and…


Sonic Versus

Sonic Riders Competitive


Why a website?

This website is intended to be a resource for the Sonic community, and supplementary to our YouTube, just like our Twitter and Instagram. Tails’ Channel.com has been in development for nearly 3 months and was a joint effort between all team members.

What will happen to YouTube?

Tails’ Channel’s YouTube channel isn’t going away. News updates and livestreams will continue, but the new website and collaborations with Sonic Versus and IDW Sonic News will bring something new to the table, both on the website, on YouTube, and elsewhere on social media.

What will happen to the IDW Sonic News Discord?

IDWSonicNews’ Discord will still exist. It’s not going anywhere and there are no plans of it being deleted or rebranded. It is a server that is favoured by many people. It will continue to be that way, and to be a hub for IDW Sonic fans and Sonic comic fans in general. If you aren’t in the Discord server please consider joining. The Tails’ Channel Discord also has comics text channel where you can talk about Sonic comics. Consider joining there too!

IDW Sonic Community – IDWSonicNews: https://discord.gg/7gpxqGd

Tails’ Channel: http://dc.railgun.works/TailsChannel

Is there a way I can join?

While we are thrilled you are as excited as we are to help deliver top notch Sonic fan content with our team, we are not accepting any new writers or content creators at this time. Stay tuned for information regarding open positions at Tails’ Channel!

The Sonic community is well-known for it’s fan artwork. As such, we feel it is important to feature the incredible skills this community has to offer at the very forefront of our site. Artist submissions for fan renditions of our Tails’ Channel logo will begin in the upcoming week. Stay tuned for details!

Write your own column

Details regarding guest contributions to the Opinion section will be published in the weeks ahead.


Thank you all for your support over the years, we are dedicated to serving the community with high quality content. Everything here is to enhance the community’s experience, and we hope to deliver even more exciting content in the future.


This website would not at all be possible without this community’s support. If you are interested in supporting us further, please consider submitting donations/tips to [email protected] to support server upkeep and original content on Tails’ Channel YouTube, and the long-time sustainability for Tails’ Channel.com.

  1. This is incredibly exciting! Looking forward to the growth of this site! One question: Where can we expect to find the podcasts once they start rolling out? I imagine this may be answered soon enough, so asking now could potentially be redundant.

  2. This website is so clean! I’m grateful that awesome Sonic fans like you guys are trying to bring the community together and spark some activity during this big Sonic drought. I look forward to whatever you all have planned for this website.

  3. Congrats you guys! This has been a long time coming and I’m happy that you’ve been able to finally get here!

  4. Good Job on the Website and congratulations on the New and approved Tails Channel everyone

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