Tails’ Channel launching “Tails’ Channel Takes”, a new foray into opinion-based programming

11 April 2021 – Today, Tails’ Channel is officially launching Tails’ Channel Takes, a new opinion-based program designed to be the team’s permanent hub for analysis and insight.

Hosted by Evan Tingle with contributions from Team Tails’ Channel, Tails’ Channel Takes will offer a unique, informative, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek perspective on the latest Sonic the Hedgehog headlines and rumours.

The first episode touched upon the online rumours regarding the 2010 title Sonic Colours and the alleged remastered title.


The program was founded to address growing demand for opinion-based content on Tails’ Channel and abroad, and to provide viewers an alternative, factual-driven viewpoint from the community’s trusted News Team.

The production of Tails’ Channel News and our editorial output will remain untouched and unaffected by this program. Tails’ Channel Takes represents yet another multifaceted branch for Tails’ Channel and our commitments to provide information and entertainment for Sonic the Hedgehog gaming, comic book, and competitive fans.

The opinions expressed in Tails’ Channel Takes are those of the presenter and does not represent the editorial output of Tails’ Channel, or its affiliates.

Traditionally, commentary programming from Tails’ Channel were regulated as special “one-off” videos or as a segment with the Weekend Livestream. Today, viewers can now commentary from Tails’ Channel on a regular basis via Tails’ Channel Takes on TailsChannel.com and YouTube. Viewers can also join the discussion in the YouTube comments section, or in the Tails’ Channel Discord server.

You can follow more Tails’ Channel content on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram and online on TailsChannel.com.

About Tails’ Channel

Tails’ Channel is an independent media cooperative and a leading source of Sonic the Hedgehog information and entertainment. Established in 2008, Tails’ Channel is proud to offer fans comprehensive and trusted Sonic the Hedgehog news coverage. Our distinctive community and competitive programming draws audiences from across the world. Tails’ Channel is available on over 10 social media outlets, serving million of users every month.


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