Tails’ Channel to host public archive of TSSZ video content

21 October 2020 – Tails’ Channel today has reached an agreement with the owner of TSSZ to publicly preserve and archive their audiovisual catalogue on YouTube.

The agreement is a part of a continued effort in conjunction with Last Minute Continue to restore more than 20 years of video game journalism and Sonic the Hedgehog community history.

TSSZ’s audiovisual catalogue of reports, interviews, and exclusives will be administered by Team Tails’ Channel, and the print catalogue will be administrated by the staff at Last Minute Continue.

On 24 October, Tails’ Channel will premiere the final episode of TSSZ’s flagship series, TSSZ News Final, on the Tails’ Channel YouTube channel. Immediately following the premiere, the recording can be accessed on the Sonic News Channel YouTube channel.

The episode, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Sonic fan-site The Sonic Stadium, featured a lengthy interview with founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne.

Tails’ Channel will obtain the first allotted batch of episodes of TSSZ News Final no later than December 2020. All episodes of TSSZ News Final will be uploaded on the Sonic News Channel YouTube channel and referenced on TailsChannel.com. The episodes are tentatively planned to be uploaded in phases throughout late 2020 to third-quarter 2021. A defined upload schedule will be published on TailsChannel.com in the months ahead.

Episodes of TSSZ News Final exhibited Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA headlines, interviews with SEGA representatives and community personalities, and exclusive expo coverage at South by Southwest and PAX.

Founded in 1999, TSSZ was one of the most respected sources of Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA, and video game news. The website extensively covered landmark legal disputes concerning Sonic and gaming, and broke multiple stories in association with Tails’ Channel. Following a series of comments on Twitter, TSSZ ceased operations in May 2020. In August, TailsChannel.com’s Sonic News vertical was launched as a self-described “spiritual successor”.

Noticeable contributors of TSSZ included Noah Copeland, Ryan Schneckloth, Andrea Gil, Lou Balzani, and Ryan Bloom, among others.

As outlined in Tails’ Channel’s mission statement, the pursuit of community-building is paramount. The agreement with TSSZ will ensure their journalistic catalogue is preserved for years to come.

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