Official statement: Tails’ Channel broadcast host Evan Tingle to step down

27 October 2023 – After six years of community dedication, Evan Tingle, broadcast host of Tails’ Channel, has announced his departure from the collective today. Lourdes Mancini, a co-host and a key figure to the team’s livestreaming endeavours, will also depart Tails’ Channel today.

Evan gained the respect of the Sonic the Hedgehog community for his unique, informative approach to news and current affairs. His entertaining personality, enjoyed by millions of fans, delivered an unmatched perspective on the franchise. Together with Lourdes Mancini, who is also departing Tails’ Channel, they witnessed the collective’s foray into livestreaming, and brought live, unparalleled, multi-platform coverage of numerous major Sonic the Hedgehog events for the first time.

Evan also launched numerous programs and formats to connect with fans, like Live Discussion and Live Debate, highlighted the modding scene with Fan Showcase, and provided a platform for nuance on important topics with community and industry leaders. Since 2017, he provided coverage and analysis of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise through six video game launches, two South by Southwest panels, and two motion picture releases.

Widely known by his long-time online alias Mardiculous, Evan began his time in community media as a voice-over announcer for the Sonic News Channel. The channel gradually merged with Tails’ Channel in 2017; and later that year, he was invited to become the collective’s broadcast host.

Today, Evan and Lourdes can be found on their X (formerly Twitter) profiles, where they continue to engage with the community. Evan in particular can be found on official Sonic the Hedgehog media in co-operation with SEGA. His personal remarks can be read on his X post.

The departures mark a significant moment in Tails’ Channel’s history, but the team will continue to operate in their absences. As of September 2023, the broadcast host position has been occupied by Dakiii, a web team writer and founder of Tails’ Channel Español, and auxiliary responsibilities have been returned pro tem to the collective’s owner and editor-in-chief, Ryan Scarlett.

The team at Tails’ Channel sincerely appreciates their guidance over the years, and we all wish Evan and Lourdes the best in their future journeys.

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