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The Sonic the Hedgehog news and information leader.

Core Team

Actor, host of Tails’ Channel, visual artist and after-school teacher.
Co-host of Tails’ Channel, SA3 advocate, and mother of Opal.
Tails’ Channel director and editor-at-large.

Social Media and Community Management

Sonic/SEGA enthusiast
Huge Sonic fan, content creator, streamer, game dev student. Yo!
Community manager & editor for Tails’ Channel with a love for…
All-rounder for Tails’ Channel. Leads IDWSonicNews.

Written Features

I’m a huge Sonic fan that likes to post some news.
Writer for multiple Sonic sites, including Last Minute Continue.…
Self-proclaimed Sonic music aficionado. Don’t pass me the aux cord.


Visual Artist, Musician, and Sonic Buff.
Co-Owner of IdwSonicNews, Artist, Writer, talks about Sonic and…