2020 Sonic Hacking Contest Official Primer

The Annual Showcase of Sonic Mods and Fan-Hacks!

It’s almost time for the return of a yearly tradition in the Sonic community, the week-long Sonic Hacking Contest.

Every year, Sonic hackers and modders submit their projects for the world to enjoy. The entries range from hacks of classic-era Sonic games to mods of modern games.

There are two ways you can submit entries. Entries submitted to the Contest division are evaluated by judges, and have the chance to win trophies in various categories if they receive enough votes from the community.

Entries can also be submitted to the Expo division. Judges do not evaluate Expo entries, and there are no trophies that are up for grabs here. Regardless, both Contest and Expo entries receive a spotlight from the media team throughout the Contest Week.

The 2020 Sonic Hacking Contest does not make any significant overhauls to the rules, unlike last year’s event, but there were a few changes. Monotonous hacks are banned, and off-site download links were discontinued.

Contest Week begins 26 October to 1 November 2020. Learn more at http://sonichacking.org

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