Sonic Frontiers extensively previewed by press ahead of November release

With the release of the highly anticipated Sonic Frontiers nearing, more details related to the game have been revealed by gaming outlets, with a first look at a new Island, Tails, Knuckles and more.

A six hour-long demo was made available for gaming media in the past week, which allowed those that previously played the summer demo to get a better feel of the game. With the permission of SEGA, the press shared new footage, some of which were never seen before until now.

Rescuing Sonic’s friends

Some more details regarding the first island of the game, Kronos Island, has been shown, with the bigger focus being on Sonic freeing Amy, after collecting the required hearts.

Sonic Frontiers, via Shack News. (SEGA)

Knuckles’ rescue is on the fabled desert themed island, Ares Island, with the player required to collect red military insignias to save Knuckles and to progress through the story.

Sonic Frontiers, via Shack News. (SEGA)

Meanwhile, Tails’ rescue consists of the player collecting yellow wrenches scattered through the third and brand new island, Chaos Island, featuring a volcano theme through the entire open-zone.

Sonic Frontiers, via Shack News. (SEGA)

Chaos Island

The third Island for players to explore in the game, Chaos Island, also had plenty of gameplay revealed, with new setpieces creating striking visuals for the player to explore.

Sonic Frontiers, via Shack News. (SEGA)

A new previously unseen mini-boss named “Fortress” also makes its’ appearance in the volcano-themed island. It features the grind rail gimmick for the player to arrive and to attack Fortress’ weak spot.

Sonic Frontiers, via Shack News. (SEGA)

A general look at the island was also shown through this gameplay, with the player coming across several setpieces which harken back to previous Sonic the Hedgehog gimmicks.

Sonic Frontiers, via IGN. (SEGA)

Puzzles & Challenges

A better look at the puzzles that were available in the demo was also made available for those interested. The biggest one to get fans’ attention was one seemingly inspired the famous game franchise, Tetris.

Sonic Frontiers, Via Shack News. (SEGA)

Fishing with Big the Cat

Returning to a main series title after his last appearance in Sonic Heroes, fan favourite Big the Cat finds himself in a mysterious place, without knowing how he got there to begin. More details of the fishing minigame is shown, with Sonic catching different types of fishes.

Sonic Frontiers gameplay, via Shack News. (SEGA)

Options & Settings

A complete look at all options and settings for Frontiers was also showcased, allowing fans to have an idea of what can be altered or changed in the game.

Sonic Frontiers, via Shack News. (SEGA)

Sonic Frontiers is expected to be released 8 November, for the PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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