Community members cast doubt on Sonic and the Black Knight composer’s authorship after original arrangement surfaces

Contributions from music composer Tommy Tallarico were called in question late Friday, after a number of community members claimed that the songs he was credited in Sonic and the Black Knight were actually composed by a former employee of his music studio.

“The Cauldron has been found!”

A Sonic music fan account on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, claimed that the in-game soundtrack for The Cauldron is an arrangement of a composition in Adrenix, a PC title from 1998, as it reportedly appeared in the demo reel of Todd Dennis, one of Tallarico’s former employees at his self-named music studio.

Tallarico has been credited for composing two other songs in Black Knight: “Molten Mine”, and “Great Megalith”. However, previously shared claims casted doubt on his authorship of the music, as it reportedly came from Black Dawn, a PlayStation 1 and SEGA Saturn title, and they were also composed by Dennis.

“It’s insane how both the original thread, and this week’s follow-up have blown up”

“It’s insane how both the original thread, and this week’s follow-up have blown up,” said Morris, one of the account administrators of the Sonic music fan account on X.

In a statement issued to Tails’ Channel, Morris and TheA_Gamer554, expressed shocked at the enormous interest of the post thread, and expressed gratitude to correct the record.

“I’m glad to see the actual composer finally get recognition, as well as more and more people realizing that Tommy Tallarico’s career is built on lies upon lies,” Morris said.

Continued, “it is worth noting, though, that Tommy didn’t commit plagiarism in this context, as he owns the rights to the music. His employee made the songs for his studio.”

TheA_Gamer554 replied, “I guess the only mystery left unknown is if we’ll even know what were the compositions he sent to Jun Senoue as only three of those 10 ended up in the final game.”

Tallarico has not responded to the claims or Tails’ Channel’s request for comment.

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