Sonic Frontiers breaks record of most current players ever for the series on Steam

A new record has arrived for the newest mainline Sonic game.

The highly anticipated Sonic Frontiers is now out for fans to enjoy, and it has managed to break a new record for the series.

According to data gathered by SteamDB, an all time peak of 19,181 players enjoyed Frontiers at the same time around the world through the Steam release. These numbers were never reached before with any previous game of the series.

The open zone game took the title from the well received Sonic Mania by an additional number of 7,244 players. The current list for the Sonic games most played concurrently is:

Sonic Frontiers – 19,181
Sonic Mania – 11,937
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – 5,861
Sonic Origins – 2,668
Sonic Forces – 2,058
Sonic Generations – 1,686
Team Sonic Racing – 1,056
Sonic Lost World – 252

These numbers should represent a sign of relief for SEGA, which has been betting on a good reception for the newest game.

Sonic Frontiers is available in all current consoles.

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